Meeting Minute-January 4, 2015

NECC 3rd meeting minutes

Saturday, January 4, 2015
Meeting Attendees:
Dr. Shashi B. Upadhya, Krishna Nirola, Pandit Shridhar Gyawali, Khilendra Neupane, , Dhruba Giri, Bishnu Sheetal, Netra Ghising, Prem Sangraula, Umesh Niroula, Pramod Upadhaya, , Saroj Prajapati, Ram Lal Shrestha, Krishna Prajapati, Pawan Khanal, Lok N Tiwari, Laxman Pradhan, Laxmi Nepal, Sundar Satyal, Pramila Satyal, Shashi Upadhyaya, Tulsi Poudel, Lok Bhattarai, Ganesh Kayastha, Ram Pradhan, Bishnu K Thapa, Vijay Shah, Sarala Chhetri, Suresh Baral, S. Nepal

Informed not to be able to attend the meeting:
Ram Chandra Bhattarai, Anandu Lama Theeng, Madhu Bhandari
Pradeep Dhakal, Parshuram Bhandari, Chetnath Bhandari, Sushil Neupane,

Agendas and Decisions:
1. Monthly Puja: Meeting thanked to Dhruba Giri and Satya Sai Kendra for their second monthly Puja, Bhajan, and Prasad. Mr. Giri requested all the committee members to join this Puja once a month.

2. Maha Shivaratri: Meeting decided to celebrate Maha Shivaratri on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 7pm and VP Saroj Prajapati will send a notice.

3. NECC sign board with address: Gen. Secretary Netra Ghising took initiation to post the signboard with address. Krishna Prajapati, Khilendra Neupane, Pawan Khanal, Ram Lal Shrestha, Saroj Prajapati, Krishna Nirola joined him to help. Meeting thanked all the dedicated volunteers for their hard work in a bitterly cold weather.

4. Construction Plan: senior Engineer Mr. Suresh Baral and Mr. Ram Pradhan informed to the meeting that they will voluntarily help NECC in order to get County permit. Further they said that the process will start immediately. NECC already formed a taskforce comprising Krishna Nirola, Suresh Baral, Ram Pradhan, Ram Lal Shrestha, and Umesh Nirola.

5. Financial Report: Treasurer Laxman Pradhan is preparing year-end financial report. He informed to the meeting of $17,652.18 balance as of today. He also informed meeting that he is working to create a donation and membership record with member code.

6. Office Setup: Meeting decided to purchase a desktop PC, scanner, and table for NECC business. Meeting assigned Secretary Madhu Bhandari and Vice Treasurer Ram Chandra Bhattarai for this task.

7. New Executives: Meeting welcomed Puja Director Ms. Vijaya Shah, and Children Activity Director Ms. Bishnu Thapa. Meeting also added Mr. Raju Joshee as a Website Director and Mr. Prashanna Sangraula as a Dollar a Day Director.

8. Dollar a Day Donors Name Display: Since a dollar a day is effective, meeting decided to setup donors’ name to display in a screen. Laxman Pradhan will provide the donors’ list in a pen drive and Bishnu Thapa to bring the screen by/on next meeting.

9. Brochure with donation form: Meeting assigned Khilendra Neupane, Prem Sangraula, Saroj Prajapati, Netra Ghising, and Madhu Bhandari to prepare a NECC brochure with donation form by next meeting.

10. Banners: Meeting thanked to Lok Tiwari for the eight NECC Banners that he prepared and brought from Nepal.

11. Music lessons: Legendary Tabala Badak Mr. Pramod Upadhaya will prepare a proposal for the music lessons and Bishnu Thapa will coordinate to the meeting to offer music lesson on iECC’s premise.

12. Senior Citizen Data Collection: Per request of Senior Citizen Organization, meeting requests all the NECC community to provide data of senior citizens. VP Saroj Prajapati is coordinating this task.

13. Temple Hours: VP Ms. Saroj Prajapati will talk to Pundit ji and set a Mandir’s hour and will order a signboard. She will also finalize the guidelines by the next meeting.

14. Newsletter and Namaste: Meeting thanked to Bishnu Sheetal for his hard work to start publishing NECC Newsletter in a monthly basis for the first time in a NECC history. Mr. Sheetal informed the meeting that he will continue the Newsletter and he also requested to the NECC members to help him providing articles for Namaste by February 15, 2015.

15. NECC-NRN collaboration: Lok Tiwari informed to the meeting that NRN is organizing a conference on March 21-22, 2015 and he proposed that NRN is interested to collaborate this event with NECC. Meeting agreed to collaborate with NRN without any monetary burden. Meeting assigned First VP Prem Sangraula, VP Saroj Prajapati, Director Bishnu Thapa, Director Raju Joshee, and more team members as needed. Meeting requested NRN to separate $5.00 for NECC from the registration and organize the final event at the NECC premise.

16. Log Book: Meeting decided to keep a log book at the Mandir register all the visitiors and Pundit Shreedhar Gyawali has been tasked to maintain it.
17. Meeting expressed the condolence to bereaved family of late Bishnu Bhandari of Woodbridge, Virginia and decided to send condolence card to Mrs. Narayani Pandey and children.

Netra Ghising
General Secretary

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