Meeting Minute-June 7, 2015

NECC 7th meeting minutes

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Chaired by Khilendra Neupane

Meeting Attendees:

Dr. Shyam Karki, Pandit Shridhar Gyawali, Khilendra Neupane, Dhruba Giri, Saroj Prajapati, Krishna Prajapati, Pawan Khanal, Laxman Pradhan, Netra Ghising, Pramod Upadhaya, , A. Nepal, Prabin Tamrakar, Parshuram Bhandari, , Kabindra Sitoula, Dr. Mahendra Karki, Nagendra Paudel, Nani B. Shrestha, Magan Shrestha, Dr. Madan Upreti, Anamika Uprety, Dahal, Bishnu Sheetal, Parashu Timalsina, Narayan Kharel, Prabin Tamrakar, Madhav Timalsina, Kalpana Timalsina, Indira Thapalia, Pancha Shrestha, Shanti Shrestha, Uttam Khatri, Saraswoti Sharma, Denesh Karkee,

Usha Khatri, Parshu Ram Thapalia, Kabindra Sitoula, Dr. Mahendra Karki

Informed not to be able to attend the meeting:

Anandu Lama Theeng, Madhu Sudan Bhandari, Krishna Nirola, Rita Nirola, Prem Sangraula, Manju Karki Sangraula, Gopal Rayamajhi, Parshuram Bhandari, Rajan Adhikari, Sushil Neupane,

Agendas and Decisions:

Condolence: Meeting expressed the condolence for untimely loss of mother of Madhav Pokharel and mother-in-law of NECC Joint Treasurer Ramchandra Bhattarai.
NECC Website: NECC website is ready for the public on NECC’s own server. Mr. Ashok Oli helped voluntarily for this task along with Suvash Khatiwada. President Khilendra Neupane proposed Mr. Oli in to the website team and meeting nominated unanimously. The new Web team comprised of Raju Joshi, Pradeep Dhakal, Ashok Oli, and Suvash Khatiwada.
Mercedes Benz Car Sale: Meeting requested Mr. Nani Babu Shrestha to handle the registration, maintenance, and recommend the sale price in coordination with Mr. Ram Chandra Kharel, Khilendra Neupane, Netra Ghising, and Krishna Prajapati.
Finance update: Treasurer Mr. Laxman Pradhan informed to the meeting that current cash balance at the bank is $40,365.00. Dr. Shyam Karki expressed interest to host brainstorming session with dinner for fund raise.
Promissory Note: As Mr. Sushil Pokharel requested the payback of his remaining promissory note loan of $6,000.00, meeting decided to pay him back and requested to convert the accrued interest portion as a donation to the NECC. Meeting also decided full pay back of the loan to Guthi and NPPA and thanked them for their big support. After these three payments, NECC still owes $63,000.00 promissory note loan balance from 11 lenders. Meeting provided list to Dr. Shyam Karki and assigned him to request all the Note holders to become Trustee or Life Member with converting their loan into the donations. Furthermore; meeting decided to reconcile the loan into one or two person and payback all the remaining balance to the note holders (if applies to any) and meeting assigned to Hari K. Sharma, Laxman Pradhan, and Khilendra Neupane for this task. NECC will honor all the promissory note holder in July 12, 2015 for their support to the NECC during financial difficulties.
Dollar a Day update: Prashanna Sangraula, Laxman Pradhan, and Khilendra Neupane will update the list of Dollar a day donors and will add to the list of plaque of the wall in the puja hall by June 30, 2015.
Permit update: Permit work is underway. Ram Pradhan completed his portions of the work. Once other work from Engineer Suresh Baral is received, paper work to county will be submitted. Meeting thanked to Mr. Pradhan for his time and efforts to the NECC.
Garden & Yard Maintenance: Meeting appreciated Netra Ghising for his leading role of gardening and thanked to all the volunteers who helped him for cleaning, planting flowers, and putting mulch around the garden. Property Manager Krishna Prajapati reminded to the meeting that it is costing $160.00 every two weeks to mow the lawn and proposed to buy industrial standard lawn mower to handle nine plus acres of lawn and put a signing sheet for the volunteers to cut the grass. Meeting accepted his proposal unanimously and immediately started to collect the donation to buy a new lawnmower. Dr. Madan Uprety volunteered to donate an edge cutter and a blower along with his $100 cash donation. Meeting requested those who did not donate will do the lawnmow first. At least 2 people can sign for one cut. Other contributors are as follow: Khilendra Neupane – $100.00, Dr. Shyam Karki – $100.00, Dr. Madan Uprety – $100.00, Krishna and Saroj Prajapati – $100.00*, Nagendra Paudel – $100.00, Laxman Pradhan – 100.00*, Narayan Kharel – $50.00, Netra Ghising – $50.00, Uttam/Usha Khatri – $50.00, Kabindra Sitoula – $50.00, Parashu Ram Timalsina – $50.00*, Pancha & Shanti Shrestha – $50.00, Nani Babu & Magan Shrestha – $50.00, and Pawan Khanal $50.00.
Namaste update & distribution Team: Namaste editor Mr. Parashu Ram Timalsina informed to the meeting that Namaste is in press in Nepal. Due to the earthquakes disaster, we could not publish in estimated time. However; it will be ready by the end of June. President Khilendra Neupane proposed four members of a Namaste distribution/marketing team with Mrs. Shanti Shrestha, Magan Shrestha, Mr. Ankus Nepal, and one to be determined later. Meeting accepted his proposal unanimously and welcomed the volunteers in a NECC team.
Volunteers and Donors Recognition Program: Meeting decided to recognize the NECC volunteers and donors and date has been set for Sunday, July 12, 2015. Meeting assigned following tasks to lead as follows: Arrange for event venue Khilendra Neupane, Netra Ghising, and Krishna Prajapati. Prepare a NECC pin with logo: Saroj Prajapati and Madhu Bhandari. Prepare new Trustees and Life members: Dr. Shyam Karki and Nagendra Paudel. Prepare for Dollar a Day and Trustee’s list: Khilendra Neupane, Laxman Pradhan, and Prashanna Sangraula. Reconciled the Promissory Note: Laxman Pradhan, Hari Sharma, Dr. Shyam Karki, and Khilendra Neupane. Prepare certificates for volunteers and donors: Prem Sangraula, Saroj Prajapati, Netra Ghising, Madhu Bhandari. Prepare a package including a NECC Pin, Namaste, Brochure, Bulletin, and so on Parashu Ram Timalsina, Bishnu Sheetal, Pravin Tamrakar, Shanti Shrestha, Magan Shrestha, and Ankus Nepal. Video arrangement: Anandu Lama, Photo arrangement: Bishwa Thapa, Sound System arrangement: Krishna Dahal. Singer arrangement Rajan Adhikari, Bishnu Thapa and Prashanna Sangraula. The preparation meeting will be held in Sunday, July 5, 2015 and will be discuss more in detail.
Earthquakes Relief Fund and Dr. Uprety’s plan: Meeting welcomed Dr. Madan Uprety and appreciated for his great enthusiasm and courage towards our motherland in this difficult time and decided to release another $9,900.00 to his Mission Rebuild Nepal. He shared his experiences with slide show and explained his plan with building transitional home in Nepal. Meeting was impressed with his powerful and unique idea of one on one sponsor to build home for real earthquake disaster victims without overhead and administrative cost. Dr. Uprety thanked to the NECC team for providing great moral and monetary support for his mission.
Meeting was adjourned by NECC President Khilendra Neupane.

Netra Ghising

General Secretary


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