Meeting Minutes-May 3, 2015

NECC 5th meeting minutes

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chaired by Khilendra Neupane

Meeting Attendees:
Narayan Mainali – Embassy of Nepal,
Dr. Shashi B. Upadhya , Anandu Lama Theeng, Madhu Sudan Bhandari, Krishna Nirola, Rita Nirola, Pandit Shridhar Gyawali, Khilendra Neupane, Dhruba Giri, Netra Ghising, Prem Sangraula, Umesh Niroula, Pramod Upadhaya, , Saroj Prajapati, Krishna Prajapati, Pawan Khanal, Laxman Pradhan, Janak Adhikari, ` Gopal Rayamajhi, Yashoda Bhandari, A. Nepal, Prabin Tamrakar, Prasanna Sangraula, Parshuram Bhandari, , Kabindra Sitoula, and Pradeep Dhakal, Manju Sangraula, Dr. Mahendra Karki, Nagendra Paudel, Ganesh Lal Kayastha, Mukti Dawadi, Kemika Bhandari, Keshab Baral, Nani B. Shrestha, Krishna Bhandari, Purandar Ghimire, Vijaya Shah, Sanjog Nirola, Prasid Dhahal, Anupama Prasai, Anamika Uprety, Bishnu Thapa, Rima KC Katwal, Ram Malakar, Helican Sitoula, Krishna Dahal, Saujan Sangraul, Shiva Raj Adhikari, Hari Sharma, Purushottam KC, Bhagawan Shrestha, Suvash Khatiwada, Umesh Niroula, Nagendra M Neupane,

Informed not to be able to attend the meeting:

Dr. Shyam Karki, , Chetnath Bhandari, Rajan Adhikari, Bishnu Sheetal, Parashu Timalsina, Narayan Kharel, Ram Kharel,

Agendas and Decisions:

  1. Meeting offered the condolence to the bereaved family for untimely death of Hari Man Singh of Silver Spring, MD.
  2.  Meeting agreed to repair the car in order to get ready for sale. NECC trustee Nani Babu Shrestha graciously offered the voluntary service for maintenance work on donation received car (Mercedes Benz). He further took responsibility on registering the car with State of Maryland MVA for NECC.
  3. President Mr. Khilendra Neupane proposed Suvash Khatiwada as a new Web Director for NECC and meeting approved and welcomed Mr. Khatiwada in the team. Mr. Khatiwada is pleased to have this great opportunity and informed to the meeting that he is working on redesigning the NECC website in coordination with Raju Joshee and Pradeep Dhakal.
  4. Meeting approved the decisions of emergency meeting on April 26, 2015 for taking a leading role to raise the fund for Earthquake victim in Nepal. Within a week, NECC raised over $20,000.00 donations including $8,000.00 from Pradeep Dhakal and his PFA team and $4,000.00 from Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA). Since community member Dr. Madan Uprety is already in Nepal for helping devastated victims, meeting agreed to support him transferring the NECC collected donations. Meeting believes that the contributions must be delivered to the real victims through Dr. Uprety and his team directly. Meeting assigned Khilendra Neupane and Laxman Pradhan for necessary arrangement in order to transfer the fund to Dr. Uprety and his team (recommendation) in compliance of generally accepted accounting practice and transparency. Moreover; NECC also collected medical supplies and provided to BOT Ram Kharel as he was heading to Nepal.
  5. NECC volunteer Puru Ghimire to coordinate with NRN President elect Dr. Keshab Poudel to carry in about 500 copies of Namaste from Nepal.
  6. Publicity Director informed that the Namaste cannot be published in May due the earthquake disaster in Nepal and meeting decided that once he receives confirmation from the press, the date of the event will be determined some times in June 2015.
  7. BOT Vice-Chair Mr. Krishna Nirola briefed the update on building drawings and meeting with Senior Engineers Mr. Suresh Baral and Ram Pradhan regarding the renovation project.
  8. To date, ‘Dollar a Day’ participants number is 86 and expected to reach this number to 200 by end of 2015. Meeting requested all the team members to pay their dues asap and request into their network as well. Dollar a Day Director Mr. Prashanna Sangraula agreed to follow up the overdue list and drive for the new enrollment.
  9. Meeting sincerely thanked to Satya Sai Samaj for the monthly puja, Budha Dharma Sangh and Tamang Society of Greater Washington for organizing Buddha Jayanti.
  10. At the end of the meeting and prayers service, special candle light vigil was organized in memory of those who lost lives in this devastating earthquake and for the peace and speedy recovery of those who suffered.

Meeting was adjourned by President Khilendra Neupane.

Netra Ghising
General Secretary

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