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About Us

Organization: Nepal Education & Cultural Center (NECC) is registered as Not for profit organization in the state of Maryland and obtaining 501(c)(3) status from IRS since May 18, 2005. All the executives and office bearers are volunteers.
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Vision: To be the place that people of especially Nepali origin go to when they need cultural help. 

 Mission:  To keep connected culturally with all the community members of origin of nationality, teach and learn Nepali language, culture, religions to the new generation as well, in educational environment.

 History: NECC conceptually came to the existence in 1983 to then executives of Association of Nepalese in America (ANA) and started as a pilot project in 1987. NECC is grateful to the visionary leaders from ANA who established and devoted their time to make it strong and successful. Despite many challenges, NECC team has worked proactively and raised substantial fund, revised the bylaws, and mobilized community resources to take the NECC into the next level. Today, NECC is growing and receiving tremendous community support especially from the greater Washington DC area.

Property/Facility: In an arduous journey that began with our predecessors, 5 acres land was purchased in Solomon Island, MD in 1987 to address the need of community center for our Nepali community. As majority of Nepali community are settled around the metropolitan area, our predecessors then came to the realization that Solomon Island was not a practically fit location, and new property was purchased in Fairfax, VA in 1992. Due to regulatory hurdles, our community had to sell off Fairfax property and the Lanham property with 3.2 acres land and building was purchased in 1996 for $205,000. This Lanham facility was also not being able to accommodate the community growth, and no building permit for constructing the Mandir was granted by the county. Subsequently, NECC-VAC (Vitalization Action Committee) was formed in July 2007 which mobilized the entire community and bought another 9.38 acres property for $700,000 at Beallsville, Maryland on October 17, 2008. Finally, on June 4, 2012, The Pashupati-Buddha Mandir was moved to the Beallsville facility which is 45 minute drive from the Washington DC. The Beallsville property’s mortgage has fully been paid on July 9, 2012 after we sold Lanham property for $535,000 on April 18, 2012 and the deed was transferred to the NECC on October 16, 2013. A vibrant executive committee was formed, and the NECC has been moving forward with huge community support making substantial progress in many ways since September 2014.

 Pashupati-Buddha Mandir: On September 30, 2000, the Pashupati Buddha Mandir was inaugurated in Lanham, MD. Since then, we are performing Hindu and Buddha practices through Pashupati-Buddha Mandir continuously. It was major milestone to our predecessors in the long journey toward fulfilling cultural and religious rituals in our own community center. Since the inauguration, we have full time Pundit for our all rituals performing needs to date. As our predecessors long strived to achieve this goal, we are so much grateful to them. Since the year 2000, our community in this area has grown exponentially and continues to grow. The Pashupati-Buddha Mandir was moved to the bigger space at Beallsville from the Lanham property on June 4, 2012. Now, we have a multi-talented priest, available to address any kind of ritual needs. We are planning to have a nice/clean worship place with marble Gods/Goddesses and serve ‘prasad’, the sacred meal to all the visitors as soon as possible. 

 Nepali Pathashala of Maryland: Nepali community from Clarksburg, MD has been proactively working to run “Nepal Pathashala of Maryland” under NECC umbrella and officially inaugurated on the occasion of Nepali New Year 2076 (April 14, 2019) celebration at the NECC premise. The purpose of the Pathashala is to educate Nepali-American children to read, write, and speak in Nepali language, and learn the inherent meaning of Nepali culture and traditions.

Planning:  NECC has set its short and long run planning based on the need and interest of the community incorporating their ideas with its own guidelines. NECC has a solid master plan. Such as:. 

Short Term: 

1. Construction of Kitchen, toilets, play place for children.

2. Complete Buddha project with installing 108 Manes around the Buddha statue, and Lumbini Garden around the Buddha podium. 

3. Making a nice/clean worship place (Mandir) erecting marble Gods/Goddesses.

4. Serve Prasad to all the visitors during the weekend by 2020

5. Renovate the existing hall with heating and cooling system.

Long Term:

1. Establish a Giant Statue of Lord Shiva

2. Parking lot

3. Complete Lumbini Garden

4. Construct Multi-purpose community hall & a Multipurpose building. and so on.

 Along with many short- and long-term projects, we are developing NECC premises as an iconic “Dham”, and a research & resource center.  NECC has set a plan to complete all the projects before its Silver Anniversary in 2025.

Work in Action: On September 2014, NECC formed its full-fledged committee including Board of Trustees, Advisory Board, Executive Committee and they are serving in their second tenure adequately. Together, there are over 100 volunteers who are very dynamic, dedicated, committed, and hard working from various communities of greater Washington DC. In fact, NECC team is working diligently throughout the year to expand the scope of programs and efforts to bring our community together to accomplish its mission. NECC always appreciates to all the volunteers for their kindness, generosity, and unconditional support. Every one of us should be proud of what NECC is today!