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NECC Planning - An overview

Nepal Education and Cultural Center (NECC), to meet its set vision of making NECC an iconic religious and tourist place in the DC metro area, has set its short and long term planning with a solid master plan. As our overall planning, we spent the year 2015-2017 as the phase of reaching out to the community, getting their feedbacks, running cultural and religious activities through various ways. This helped to revive a very good relationship with the community. Having this done, we moved to the next step - Fund Generation and Construction. 
Along with the regular Deusi-Bhailo and Dollar-A-Day (DaD), we arranged a Fund Raising Dinner program in the year 2018. These activities have been very successful and now we are in the phase of construction. Parallelly, fund raising campaign will be going on. 
By incorporating the ideas and suggestions from the community with the NECC rules and guidelines, the Short and Long term planning have been set.  NECC has planned to complete most of them before its Silver Anniversary in 2025.

The followings are the set projects:
1. Short Term: (for the next three years)
  1. Finish up Buddha podium with Safety handrail. 
  2. Install 108 MANEs around the Lord Buddha Statue & construct beautiful Lumbini garden around the Lord Budha podium with two water fountains. 
  3. Renovate the existing community hall with new flooring and new HVAC system in order to use it in all-weather condition. 
  4. Making a nice/clean worship place (Pashupatinath Mandir) erecting marble Gods/Goddesses
  5. Serve Prasad to all the visitors during the weekend by 2020
  6. Construct Kitchen and toilets. 
  7. We are also in the process of getting approval for as per county rules & regulations. 
  8. Install a small park to have fun for all small kids while parents are doing other cultural activities in the community center.  
  9. Run Nepali language classes for the second generations
  10. Upgrade existing access road into two lane road for the easy access to the fire truck and/or ambulance. 
2. Long Term: 

    1. Establish a giant statue of Lord Shiva with KAILASH PARWAT.
    2. Upgrade Fire lane access road, construct fire hydrant and emergency water access
    3. Construct all interior access roads.
    4. Construct a separate multipurpose hall to perform meditation, all other Buddhist traditional pujas, and other activities nearby Lumbini Park which will have access to all our community members as well as local community.
    5. Build a retirement community center with senior citizen homes/guest rooms
    6. Establish museum of our tradition, culture, language & arts
    7. Develop a resource and research center
    8. Run regular health camp
    9. Construct a multi-purpose building. 
    10. Establish a library with audio-video facility
    11. Construct Buddha Shrine (With Dome-Shaped roof)
    12. Establish Janaki Temple with Ganga Sagar Pond for Chhat celebration
    13. Build a Main entrance gate 
    14. Upgrade parking lot
    15. Recreational area
    16. Construct Kriya Putri center
    17. Construct Priest house.
    18. Run adult language and citizenship classes.
    Based on the community needs and available resources of the NECC, there could be some additions and/or changes on the set plans in the long run. 

    Master Plan

    Master Plan accommodates all the physical construction. NECC has just started sketching its Master Plan though the projects have bet set. Here is the preliminary Master Plan Sketch. (Sketch: Er. Gopal Mainali).