Community Outreach through Healthful Living


240 MILES. 113 HOURS. 1 CAUSE – A Healthy and cohesive Community 

On October 7-11, 2022, Ramesh Byanjankar, living in Boyds, MD is running MOAB 240 Endurance Run for 113 hours (about 5 days) to fundraise “The Trail Project”, for Nepal Education & Cultural Center (NECC). The course is about 240 miles, roughly 400 kilometers. Ramesh will be running from 6 am on Friday October 7, 2022 till October 11, 2022. His goal is to complete the race in 95 hours (4 days) with an average of 2 hours sleep each day. He will be running alone day and night in the vast wilderness of Arches National Park in Moab, UT with about 29,000 feet of ascent and a total elevation change of about 58,000 feet.


Nepal Education & Cultural Center (NECC) is a volunteer-run 501(C) (3) non-profit organization based in Maryland. It has been serving since 1983 through community based initiatives in various areas such as education, culture, community outreach etc. For additional detail, please visit

Objective and Goal

The objective is to support one of NECC’s wellness initiatives; “The Trail Project ” which aligns with NECC’s overall objective of building a stronger and cohesive community that it serves. 

The goal is to raise $10,000  Donate

The Trail Project

The project is to build an approximately 1 mile trail that will run through the perimeter of NECC’s property and along both sides of the creek. The proposed dirt trail will be approximately 5-6 feet wide, minor gravels will be added where deemed necessary. Mile markers will be added every quarter mile stretch along with trail-guide posts. Cherry trees will be planted on both sides of the entire length of trail. In addition, benches will be installed at every quarter mile. The project along with other wellness themed future projects such as outdoor exercise areas, volleyball court, children playground etc. will provide community members options to enjoy with friends and families. More importantly, it will serve as a common platform that will promote wellness and bring the community together.  The ultimate goal is to intertwine different threads to produce a beautiful fabric in the form of a vibrant, active and energetic community. 

Current State (Before)

Planned Trail (After)


  • Ramesh Byanjankar

Director, Data Analytics and Insights

Fidelity Investments, Smithfield, RI


I have been living at Boyds, MD with my two kids; son Aatish (13 yrs) and daughter Rayna (10 yrs) and loving wife, Anju Gurung. I started running when I was in my late 20’s. When I first started running, I could barely run 800 meters (2 laps the max). I was out of shape, out of rhythm, out of motivation and out of discipline. What started as a challenge to run one Marathon in a lifetime has turned into a full-fledged hobby. During these races, I realized that I could raise money for the charity that I love. One of the teachings I got from my parents is ‘You are as good as your community, and you should never forget your roots’. Hence, I started raising money during my races for charities (US and Nepal based) like ‘Run for Autism’, HelpNepal, ‘Chepang kids from Nepal’, Nepal Earthquake Relief via US Red Cross, HamroLife Bank etc. I am very fortunate enough to do what I love to do while helping the community.

With the growing Nepalese community in the DC metropolitan area and in the US in general, the Trail project is perfect work that aligns with my vision of bringing the community together for better health. It’s not only the Nepali community, but communities of other faiths and beliefs can come together for a healthier cause. One of the other critical aspects is, as my children started growing up, I wanted them to understand and be involved in community work. What better way to be involved and be engaged in programs initiated by Nepal Educational and Culture Committee. It is very important for me to set a good example not only to my children, but also to other young people that community is the bedrock of our upbringing. Hence, I am running 240 miles / roughly 400 kilometers for 113 hours in the wilderness in Moab, UT and fundraising for this good cause, Trail Project.