Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is NECC?

Nepal Education & Cultural Center (NECC) is registered as Not for profit organization in the state of Maryland and obtaining 501(c)(3) status from IRS. All its executives and office bearers are volunteers. NECC preserves Nepali language, culture, values, and religion. It unites and promotes our cultural and Educational activities.

When was the NECC initiated?

The concept of NECC was approved by the Association of Nepalis in America (ANA) in 1984 and Pashupati Buddha Mandir, a component of NECC was established in September 30, 2000 in Lanham, MD. It is the first Nepali mandir outside Nepal with its own priest and premises. In 2012, it was moved to larger campus in Beallsville, MD. Currently, ANA is the Founder and Patron member of the NECC.

What is the purpose of NECC?

While preserving its culture of origin, assimilate with other diverse community and working together for Educational purpose and carry on cultural identity amongst its new generation being transformed as American. Planning to develop the NECC as an iconic place for religious, tourist, and resource center in the capital city of greater Washington DC.

What is the present status of property or facility?

The property is located 40 miles northwest of the White House and it has 9.38 acres of land with a 3-bedroom single family house. It comprised of two parcels with address of 20510 & 20520 Beallsville Rd in Maryland. The barn is being turned into community hall with a capacity of 300 people and gazebo is being used as worship place with a capacity of 30 people. Both facilities have been moderately remodeled to address community need for interim basis. A graveled parking space is available for 100 cars approximately.

What is the financial status of the NECC?

The Beallsville property was bought for $700,000.00. The mortgage is fully paid off but there is $50,000.00 Promissory Notes (PN) is outstanding to date.

How can you donate to the NECC?

Donation is the only resources of the NECC. You can donate many times and NECC keeps all the record over $100.00 and your donation will be added up to your membership. You may use your credit card, PayPal, check, cash payment to NECC. Donation form is available in the website www.neccusa.org.

What is Deusi-Bhailo and Dollar a Day?

Deusi-Bhailo is a cultural tradition of Nepalis which celebrated in Tihar (festival of lights). Dollar a Day is a fundraising campaign throughout the year. It is affordable and becoming very popular for the Community members and hundreds of families are enrolled to donate each year. Dollar a Day was started since 2014 and almost 300 families were enrolled into the program to the date. NECC is looking for sponsors to donate in both small and big projects at the Mandir.

What are the challenges and opportunities?

Building a Mandir with community center is not an easy task especially for working class community like us. There are tons of challenges to face but the hope is always there with tremendous support from the community. This facility is becoming the ‘place to go’ for social, religious, and cultural hangouts. We wish to raise our kids with Nepali discipline and take care each other especially our seniors.

When will the Mandir be built?

It’s never ending process.. However; fundamental work will be done next 3 years and NECC will be in full operation. Sooner, we have the money the construction work will be finished quickly. The NECC team is working to its fullest strength for this noble cause.

How can community members involve to volunteers the NECC? 

Executive Committee (EC) is formed of up to 35 members and elected by the general members of theNECC. The committee will manage entire activities of the NECC. Board of Trustee (BOT) is composed of up to 11 members and elected by the trustees from the trustee cluster. This committee will do supervisory role, works on policies, long term strategic planning, deal with complex issues, and so on. Advisory Board is selected of up to 7 members and they must have been at least life member’s level membership of the NECC. Area Committee and Sub Committees can be formed and tasked based on the work load and all the committee has three-year term. If anyone is interested to volunteer, they can join anytime and NECC holds the meeting every first Sunday of the month with open door policy.

Are there any major events, pujas or ritual services available at the Mandir?

NECC has set to celebrate major Nepali events such as Maha Shiva-Ratri, Nepali New Year, Buddha Purnima, Shree Krishna Janmasthami, Teej Brata Puja, NECC Anniversary Celebration, Dashain, Tihar and many more activities throughout the year. Mandir also provides a variety of ritual services such as; Wedding, Bratabandha, Nwaran, Pasni, and so on. Every first Sunday of the month, Paramparagat Buddha Dharma Sangha and other devotees voluntarily organizes, Buddha Puja, Yoga/Meditation, Satya Narayan Puja, Lakha Batti Puja and so on.

What are the hours of Operation of the Pashupati-Buddha Mandir?

Weekday: 7am -11am & 5pm – 9pm (for summer)

Weekday: 8am -12pm & 4pm – 8pm (for winter)

Weekends & Holidays: 8am – 8pm (for all seasons)

Pundit Sridhar Gyawali can be reached @ 240-486-0937 for appointment or any question.

Who are the contact Persons for the Community Hall Reservation?

The agreement form is available at the premises and the website. You may reserve from the website www.neccusa.org or directly contact to Property Manager Krishna Prajapati @703-675-5084 or Pundit Sridhar Gyawali @ 240-486-0937.

What are the Fees for Service and Rental?

Service @ Temple:

Pasni: $51.00

Nwaran: $51.00

Car Puja: $51.00

Shraddha: $51.00

Graha Shanti: $51.00

Puja Archana: $51.00

Asta Chirinjivi: $51.00

Lakha Batti Puja: $101.00

Rudri & Abhishek: $101.00

Satya Narayan Puja: $101.00

Special Puja @ Temple

Puja Archana: $21.00 (per person)

Puja in Group: $21.00 (per person)

Teej Brata Puja: $21.00 (for single)

Teej Brata Puja: $31.00 (for family of two)

Abhishek in Shivaratri: $31.00 (for family)

Service @ Home

Pasni: $101.00

Nwaran: $101.00

Shraddha: $101.00

Griha Prabesh: $101.00

Asta Chirinjivi: $101.00

Rudri & Abhishek: $101.00

Satya Narayan Puja: $101.00

Service Outside Temple

Funeral: $201.00

Wedding: $301.00

Bratabandha: $201.00

Service @ Community Hall

Security Deposit: $201.00

Community Hall Rent: $301.00 (hall only)

Wedding @ Temple: $501.00 (hall, priest service, and mop or vacuum clean)

Bratabandha @ Temple: $401.00 (hall, priest service, and mop or vacuum clean)

(Renters are responsible for setup before the event and major clean up after the event)