Executive Committee

Prajwal Regmi
Laxman Pradhan
Vice President of Finance

Mr. Laxman Pradhan has been very active in Nepali community in the Greater Washington D.C. area for the last 20 years. He is currently serving as a Vice President – Finance in Nepal Education and Cultural Center (NECC). Prior to this position, he served for six years as a Treasurer in Nepal Education and Cultural Center. He served 12 years in the Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA) Executive Committee, 4 years as a President, 4 years as a Vice President and 4 years as a Treasurer before joining NECC. Laxman Pradhan is a CPA by profession and is currently employed at Capital One Bank in McLean, Virginia. He strongly believes in giving back to the community to help promote a sense of unity among community members and the overall well-being of the community. He has helped many Nepali organizations to obtain a tax-exempt status under IRC 501(c)(3). He enjoys helping people in need.

Pramod KC
Vice President of Engineering

Pramod KC is a highly experienced Volunteer Engineer (Civil) at NECC, possessing a Master's degree in Civil Engineering and over 20 years of diverse experience in various civil engineering fields. His expertise includes project management, quality control, and assurance in heavy civil construction, with a successful track record in managing multi-million-dollar projects such as roads, bridges, and tunnels. Pramod's skills extend to geotechnical investigation, instrumentation monitoring, erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, and public utilities inspection and management. Currently serving as an Asset Manager for a local government, Pramod's commitment to continuous learning and professional development showcases his dedication to delivering high-quality results. His volunteering spirit reflects his passion for community contribution and meaningful engagement in civil engineering initiatives.

Mohan Karki
General Secretary

Mohan Karki, having served as the Managing Director of the Fundraising and Strategic Planning team at NECC (Nepal Education and Cultural Center), demonstrated leadership in securing vital funding and strategically planning for organizational growth. With a background as the General Secretary of the Nepal Seattle Society, Mohan tirelessly advocates for community welfare, embodying a philosophy of selfless service. Grounded in a deep-seated commitment to community development, Mohan Karki remains dedicated to utilizing his expertise to drive impactful change and foster a culture of empowerment. As General Secretary and Project Manager, Mohan demonstrates adept leadership in team management and stakeholder engagement. His volunteer work showcases a commitment to community service, refining his collaboration skills. Mohan's strategic approach to project management, informed by his technical expertise, enables him to oversee multiple initiatives effectively, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives and driving innovation.

Samikshya Sapkota

Samikshya Sapkota (Sami), is a dedicated Public Health professional committed to fostering positive change within communities through preventive education and health promotion initiatives. Having grown up in the DMV area from a young age, Sami channels her passion for serving the local community she calls “home”. Her roles span from community engagement and resource dissemination to youth mobilization, event coordination and outreach. With a keen eye for sustainability, she also provides invaluable technical support, crafting strategic plans to ensure lasting impact. Sami's leadership shines through her past leadership roles where she championed cultural diversity and inclusivity in projects and teams she's led. Her altruism has been recognized with the prestigious "Legacy Award" from the Office of International Programs and Services. Beyond her professional endeavors, Sami is a cultural bridge-builder, adept at fostering trust and understanding among individuals from diverse backgrounds. She plays a vital role in bridging generational gaps within Nepalese communities and adeptly navigates conflicts arising from cultural differences.

Ramesh Byanjankar
Ranjita Shrestha
Vice Treasurer
Anita Gurung
Managing Director, Temple Operations
Biwek Karki
Managing Director, Property Maintenance
Janak Acharya
Managing Director, Fundraising
Prafulla Karki
Managing Director, Media
Samagya Karki Aryal
Pathsala Principal/Managing Director, Education
Shakti Regmi
Managing Director, Events
Tek Lamichhane
Managing Director, Volunteer and Community Engagement.