NECC Planning – An overview

NECC has made noteworthy progress and commenced a new chapter in its history after the acquisition of a new breathtaking property (16.83 acres) in Germantown, Maryland in October 2021. This is an exciting opportunity because of the promise the new mandir holds. Yet, this is only a promise, and it is upon all of us to realize this promise and fulfill our dream. We cannot express enough gratitude for those who trusted us with the Promissory Note to make this beautiful property our new home – Thank you so much! Now, we are reaching out to you to get involved in making generous donations to build our new Pagoda style Nepali Temple and renovate existing structures. We have a barn to renovate, hookup public water and sewer, replace new roof, widen the road, pave the parking lot, build a community hall and build a Mandir. Our Mandir is a place that brings us and gods together through worship, sacrifice, celebration, and devotion. It helps promote our culture, preserve our traditions and nurture our values and pass it on to our Nepali American Children. After all, it is a place to meet, socialize, celebrate, and share religious beliefs and practices with respect and integrity.

Building a mandir is an immeasurable service and image for our community as it will bring peace and happiness to a large number of people for many decades. Our goal is to complete the construction of a new mandir by the end of 2025. We need $3.5 million to complete our projects. Thus, to accomplish our goal, we need your generous financial and moral support. Our community will greatly appreciate your generous donation to make this happen as it will serve many people from all levels of society for many years to come.

We are now preparing for a county permit and hope to begin the ground preparation work as soon as a permit gets approved. As you can observe, there is a great deal of work left to do and we need a huge sum of money. You have a tremendous opportunity to become a part of this historic project. Let us get this momentum going to build a new mandir together!

NECC project development and construction plan is divided into three phases and the duration for completion is 2- 4 years. The funds are collected accordingly to support the specified projects.

Development Phase I:

Our phase I development plan includes planning, preparing design, and engineering drawing and submitting to the County and Historic Preservation Commission to obtain permit to start construction, renovating barn as a multi-purpose hall, completing renovation of other historical buildings for educational programs, construction of podiums for Buddha and Shiva statues and installing playground for children.

Development Phase II:

Phase II development plan includes the expansion of the access road to accommodate fire trucks and the connection to public sewage.

Development Phase III:

Phase III of our development includes construction of 10,000 Sq.Ft. Pagoda Style Temple with a prayer hall, shrines with major deities, commercial kitchen and dining hall and several other rooms for workshops, meetings, etc. Our engineering team has estimated the cost of the building with the basement at $250/Sq.Ft. totaling $2.5 million. Funds collected for the construction of the new temple will be used specifically for the construction of the new temple.

Phase IStart Year
Engineering (Work Permit, Civil and Architectural Design and Drawing)2022
Barn Renovation2022
Historical Building Roof Replacement2022
Buddha Podium2022
Shiva Podium2022
Children’s Playground2022
Phase II 
Fire Truck Access Road2022
Public Sewage2022
Phase III 
Pagoda Style Mandir Construction (10,000 Sq.Ft. at $250/Sq.ft)2023