President’s message

I am extremely honored to serve this community as the new President of Nepal Education and Cultural Center (NECC). As President, my goal is to continue the amazing work of my predecessors and ensure that Nepalese culture will be preserved and promoted in America. With the help of my amazing, diverse, and amicably knowledgeable team, I believe that we can take the NECC to the next level. I have witnessed first-hand the development of NECC from a small group in 1983 to the large community of dedicated people today. I am excited that NECC is in the hands of the next generation now– a generation who also wants their children to group up with the same traditions and values that they were brought up in. I am so humbled by how strong the NECC community is, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and these very difficult times. We have seen people get together and go the extra mile to help one another. NECC has become a center for knowledge and expertise. It is becoming a focal point for several generations to meet, consult, and then come to the solutions. 

We are currently focusing on many agendas, but here are a few that I would like to highlight:

Complete a center for education for Nepali Pathashala to continue teaching Nepali to younger children

Provide a cultural center so that both Hindu and Buddhist groups can practice their religions, rituals, meditations and prayers in a peaceful atmosphere

Provide a platform for individuals to share their knowledge and expertise in many different fields and studies

Abide by the rules and regulations of the State/County to help progress and develop the organization

I have full faith that we will be able to fulfil all these agendas within the next three years with the help and support from the team members, Board of Trustees, and Board of Advisors working together diligently. My predecessors have worked very hard to bring NECC to this level, now it’s our turn to work unconditionally and make the NECC even better. In this new team we have a diverse group of people from all ages, all backgrounds, and all professionals in every sector. Our team is already using their expertise to bring NECC to be a modern, self-sustained organization. I am sure our team, our community and our friends will support and cooperate with us to succeed.

I am so THANKFUL to our community members for their unconditional support through the donations, the suggestions, and many other ways of supporting the NECC.  It will be impossible for us to go any further without the community support. We are here to make sure that NECC is going in the right direction, therefore, we are looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Please let us know what we can do to take NECC into the next level.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many families are going through a very difficult time, and we all need to do whatever we can to support them, but at the same time I would like to request all of you to take care of yourselves and be safe.

Thank you, and Jay NECC!

Saroj D. Prajapati

President, NECC

Washington, DC