Enriching History: Installation of Lord Buddha Statue at NECC’s New Property

In a serene corner of the Nepal Education and Cultural Center’s (NECC) new property, a symbol of tranquility and spiritual wisdom is taking center stage — a giant statue of Lord Buddha. Originally established in the NECC Bealsville premises in 2017, this majestic figure has found a new home, marking a significant chapter in NECC’s commitment to preserving history and fostering a sense of peace within its community.

A Symbolic Move: The relocation of the Lord Buddha statue aligns with NECC’s vision of creating a harmonious space that encapsulates the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. The statue, now positioned in a thoughtfully selected area on the new property, stands as a testament to NECC’s dedication to honoring tradition and spiritual values.

Enhancing the Site: As part of the ongoing efforts to beautify the surroundings, NECC is embarking on a transformative project around the Lord Buddha statue. The podium, upon which the statue stands, will soon be adorned with 108 MANEs, offering a traditional and symbolic touch to the setting. These intricate additions will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the podium but will also carry profound spiritual significance.

Handrails will be installed to provide both support and an artistic element to the overall design. This meticulous attention to detail showcases NECC’s commitment to creating a space that invites contemplation and reflection.

Creating Peace Garden: The visionary plans for the surrounding area include the establishment of a Lumbini/Peace Garden, paying homage to the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The garden will be a visual delight, featuring an array of vibrant flowers that add color and fragrance to the serene atmosphere.


Connecting Past and Present: NECC’s decision to install the Lord Buddha statue and create a tranquil garden is more than just a landscaping project; it’s a bridge connecting the historical significance of the statue with the present and future aspirations of the community. The serene ambiance and spiritual aura created by these additions aim to inspire reflection, meditation, and a sense of unity among NECC members and the broader community.

As the vision for the Lord Buddha statue installation and the surrounding garden takes shape, NECC continues to demonstrate its commitment to cultural preservation, spiritual enrichment, and the overall well-being of its community. This artistic and spiritual endeavor is poised to become a cherished element of NECC’s new property, inviting all to partake in the beauty of tradition and the serenity it brings.