Historic Building Renovation

  • Intensive cleaning of the property and the lawn maintenance.
  • Tree trimming and pruning.
  • Main building renovation.
  • Stone hut and Silo hut renovation.
  • Cleaning of the barn for temporary use and storage.
  • Temporary shed behind the main building.
  • Solar lightning on pathways.
  • Estimated renovation cost was about $100K; with volunteer and DIY the actual cost of renovation was $53K
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Barn Renovation

Our Germantown property has a historic barn we need to renovate. This will be used as a community hall for gatherings and events.

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Trail Project

The project is to build an approximately 1 mile trail that will run through the perimeter of NECC’s property and along both sides of the creek. The proposed dirt trail will be approximately 5-6 feet wide, minor gravels will be added where deemed necessary. Mile markers will be added every quarter mile stretch along with trail-guide posts. Cherry trees will be planted on both sides of the entire length of trail. In addition, benches will be installed at every quarter mile. The project along with other wellness themed future projects such as outdoor exercise areas, volleyball court, children playground etc. will provide community members options to enjoy with friends and families. More importantly, it will serve as a common platform that will promote wellness and bring the community together.  The ultimate goal is to intertwine different threads to produce a beautiful fabric in the form of a vibrant, active and energetic community.

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A giant statue of Lord Buddha was been established in the NECC, Bealsville, premises in the year 2017. We have moved the statue to our new property. We are in the process of making the podium beautiful by installing 108 MANEs around the statue. Also, handrails will be installed with another necessary finishing touch.

The plan is also to make a very beautiful LUMBINI GARDEN around the podium with varieties of flowers and eye-shaped two ponds with fountains in front of the podium.

The designs have been are ready for the project which is as follows:

(Drawings: Er. Gopal Mainali)

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Shiva project comprises all the projects related to Hindu religion and culture. Since the name of the Mandir of NECC is Pashupati-Buddha Mandir, our priority is to focus equally and construct structures.

We have already received a beautiful 10 ft. Shiva statute along with Trishul, Basaha and Shiva Linga. We will be building a podium/kailash parbat for the statue.

The followings are some of the sketches of SHIVA PROJECT (Sketch: Er. Gopal Mainali)


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Kids Playground

Kids play place is planned to have within temple premises. Our plan is to have one bigger playground with enough facilities for the kids in the long run. Kids playground will be located south of the Silo hut.


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