Translation and Interpretation

The Nepal Education and Cultural Center can provide a valuable resource for those seeking translation services. The center offers free translation services to those who need help communicating in the local language. Whether you are a visitor to the country or a local resident, the center’s dedicated team of professionals can assist with translating documents, letters, or other important materials, helping to bridge language barriers and making communication easier. With their expertise and knowledge of the Nepalese language, the center’s translation services are a valuable asset for anyone in need of assistance with communication in Nepal.

Do you have a passion for language and a desire to help others in your community? Then consider volunteering with the Translation and Interpreter Services for languages spoken in Asia and the Pacific Regions! We are currently seeking volunteers who are fluent in languages spoken in the Asia and Pacific regions to assist with document translation, interpreting, and language support. Your language skills and expertise can make a significant impact in helping individuals who need language support and bridging language barriers. Whether you are fluent in English, Nepalese, or any other language, your skills are valuable and needed. To become a volunteer, simply visit our website and fill out a volunteer application form. Your dedication and commitment will make a meaningful difference, and we look forward to working with you!