Art Competition

After success of 2022 art competition, we are hosting a kids art competition aimed at promoting creativity and cultural appreciation among young Nepali and Asian children. This art competition is open to all kids from 2nd grade to middle school who have an interest in expressing their creativity and showcasing their cultural heritage.

The competition will be a platform for children to showcase their artistic talents and demonstrate their understanding of Nepali and Asian cultures. The competition will include categories for painting, drawing, and mixed media art pieces. Children will be encouraged to depict Nepali and Asian cultural themes such as traditional clothing, festivals, landscapes, and stories. The aim is to create a space where children can showcase their artistic abilities and learn more about their cultural heritage.

The competition will be judged by a panel of experts in the arts and cultural heritage fields. Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners in each category. The winners will be recognized in a special ceremony where they will be presented with certificates and prizes. Additionally, the top entries will be displayed at the NECC premises, providing a unique opportunity for children to share their art with the community.

By hosting this art competition, the NECC/Nepali Pathshala of Maryland aim to promote creativity, cultural appreciation, and artistic expression among young Nepali and Asian children. Through this initiative, the organizations aim to foster a sense of cultural pride among children and encourage them to engage with their cultural heritage in a meaningful way.

The competition is open to all children who are enrolled in the Nepali Pathshala of Maryland program. Enrollment in the Nepali Pathshala is not a requirement for participation in the art competition, however, and children from all backgrounds are welcome to participate. For more information on the competition, including registration details, please contact the NECC or Nepali Pathshala of Maryland.