Press Release

Nepal Education and Cultural Center successfully held its 22nd Anniversary and Donors and Volunteers Appreciation ProgramOn September 24, 2022, Nepal Education and Cultural Center (NECC) successfully held its 22nd Anniversary and recognized several distinguished donors and volunteers who contributed to several areas/projects in the organization. The program was organized at the recently purchased NECC property located in Germantown, MD. Approximately 300 people attended the event.Displaying IMG_1596.JPGThe 22nd Anniversary and Donors and Volunteers Program was facilitated by Prajwal Regmi and Prabesh Aryal as the MC of the program. At the beginning of the program, Khilendra Neupane, Saroj Prajapati, & Parashu Timalsina conducted the new property tour for the attendees to provide information about the new property and NECC’s future plans to use the property. The formal program started after swasti vachan by Pandit Shridhar Gyawali and Pandit Ram Nath Koirala. NECC Secretary Samikshya Sapkota welcomed guests and recognized NECC volunteers who have been providing their valuable contributions in the community for the past three decades (including Dr. Hari and Indira Sharma, Dr. Shyam and Indira Karki, Krishna and Rita Niroula  Shashi & Maureen Upadhaya).
NECC’s Culture Department’s Managing Director Tek Lamichhane shared that the new mandir is being served by NECC’s Residential Pandit Ram Nath Koirala and currently fully functional with most cultural and religious events being organized at the new mandir. NECC’s Vice  President and Masterplan team lead Parashu Timalsina shared NECC’s future plans to use the new property for  spiritual, cultural, and educational activities. NECC’s Property Manager Pramod KC shared that the new property is listed as a historic property by Montgomery County. NECC recently received approval to remove one standalone silo and three small outbuildings from the Historic Preservation Commission and this will help to beautify our property even more. Mr. KC also shared that renovations of the main building and two small huts behind the main building are almost complete and we are finalizing contractors to replace the main building roof. He also mentioned NECC’s planning to build about a mile-long trail around the property. NECC’s  Engineering Department team coordinator Ram Lal Shrestha discussed the permit application process and expected project completion dates for the Shiva and Buddha Podium, Barn Renovations, New Temple building, and public infrastructures (road, Storm drain). 

NECC’s Vice President and Finance Team Lead Laxman Pradhan presented the organization’s financial reports in detail and emphasized that NECC’s finance team’s focus is on transparency and accountability. Fundraising Department’s Managing Director Mohan Karki provided information regarding membership, sponsorship, and donation opportunities currently available to help build the planned structures, for example, dollar a day program, monthly donations program, donations to build certain square feet of the new temple, donation to obtain naming rights for certain rooms and structures at the property.  

Nepali Pathshala children group led by Pathshala Teacher Deepu Pudasaini performed a Nepali dance and Pathshala Principal Kumar Mainali provided an update on the current status and progress made by children in Nepali language skills in the past few years.Preeti Dhakal, Pramod KC, and the team performed a Nepali patriotic song during the event.

Mr. Prem Raja Mahat (Board of Trustees member), Dr. Hari Sharma (Board of Advisor member), and Mr. Khagendra Adhikari (Board of Advisor chair) congratulated the volunteers, donors, and NECC team and expressed their willingness to support the NECC’s efforts to complete the planned projects. On behalf of Association of Nepalese in America, Mr. Khagendra Adhikari presented “Social Hero Award” to Mr. Khilendra Neupane, Chairman of NECC’s Board of Trustee.
Honorary Consul General and BOT Member Mr. Prem Raja Mahat presented Lifetime Achievement Awards received from the US president’s office at The White House to Dr. Hari Sharma, Dr. Shyam Karki, Krishna Nirola, Dr. Mahendra Karki, Mr. Khilendra Neupane, and Saroj Prajapati. NECC Executive Committee President Saroj Prajapati presented the President’s Volunteer Service Award to 25 volunteers who worked more than 100 hours for NECC.

During the event, patrons (Association of Nepalis in America (ANA) and Dr. Deepak & Dr. Sunil Shrestha), benefactor (Dr. Hari and Indira Sharma), and platinum donors (Chetnath & Bidhya Bhandari, Khilendra & Shanti Neupane, Narottam & Shova Khatri, Shashi & Maureen Upadhaya, Dr. Shyam & Indira Karki, Umesh & Guras Niroula, Dr. Suresh & Sajani Shrestha, Makar & Bisnu Rayamajhi, Krishna & Saroj Prajapati, Nani Babu & Magan Shrestha, Biswamber & Mandira Shrestha; and Binod & Sarkia Chaudhary) were recognized. In additional, 39 trustees, 44 promissory note holders, 34 Pathshala teachers, 19 Deusi Bhailo team members, 47 volunteers were recognized. 
 Displaying IMG_1589.JPGNECC’s Inventory and Food Services Managing Director Bishnu K. Thapa and the team coordinated tea, snacks, and lunch for the event. During the event, Uttam B. Khatri made donations and became a Trustee. In addition, Biswamber & Mandira Shresta, Nabin & Pranita Shakya, &  Ratna Ranjit donated and became the Platinum and the Trustees. Aarohan Karki, Sundar Satyal, Shashi Upadhyay, and Venu Gopal Rao made donations. The event was sponsored by Zen Travels, BaseCamp, Dr. Sunil, and Dr. Deepak Shrestha. Board of Trustees Chair Khilendra Neupane thanked everyone for attending the event and thanked all the volunteers and donors for their contributions.