Appeal For Community Support

The Nepal Education and Cultural Center (NECC) needs your contributions and support in maintaining our cultural center.

Preserving Our Cultural Heritage: At NECC, our primary mission is to preserve and promote Nepali culture. To achieve this, we organize an array of events, workshops, and programs. These activities require financial resources, and the presentation style of our offerings is designed to provide transparency and options, allowing individuals to select events or services that resonate with their interests.

Supporting Our Temple: Like any place of worship and cultural center, NECC’s temple incurs operational expenses, including maintenance, utilities, and staff salaries. Donations and service fees collected for specific events play a pivotal role in sustaining our temple, ensuring it remains a welcoming and well-maintained space for our community.

Inclusivity and Free Pooja Events: NECC is committed to making cultural offerings accessible to all. We regularly host free pooja events and activities as part of our inclusivity commitment. However, donations and service fees for certain services help us continue offering a diverse range of activities and maintain our temple’s facilities.

Strengthening Our Community: The contributions and volunteer efforts of our community members are instrumental in our community’s strength. They enable us to organize events, educational programs, and cultural celebrations that benefit us all and educate future generations about our heritage.

NECC wishes to underline that our intention is not to emulate corporate business models, but rather to strike a balance between preserving our cultural heritage and providing a range of options to our community members. Donations are voluntary and given according to one’s capacity, and we strive to offer a variety of events, including free ones, to cater to different preferences.

We invite all community members to engage more deeply with NECC, attend our events, and consider volunteering their time if able. Active participation can help shape the direction of our activities and ensure they align with our community’s values and needs.

Together, let’s continue to celebrate and uphold our rich Nepali culture and heritage. NECC looks forward to the continued support and involvement of our valued community members.