NECC Acquired New Property in Germantown



As you all may know that Nepal Education and Cultural Center (NECC) legally acquired a new property (16.83 acres) in Germantown, Maryland on October 8, 2021. The total closing cost including property and settlement expenses is about $867K. NECC General Meeting (In-Person) held on August 8, 2021, at Beallsville, Maryland, had unanimously approved by the purchase of the new property in Germantown. At that time, the negotiated price of property was $875K. However, with on-going effort and price negotiation, NECC acquired the property for $850K, which was $25K less than the originally negotiated price. This acquisition is a great achievement, and we should  take pride in it.

In fact, August 8, 2021, is a historical event for NECC, which was celebrated resulting from the acquisition of a remarkable property followed by Bhumi puja by our Pandit. This beautiful, mind-blowing property would fulfill the requirements of NECC for its long-term master plan and the growing demand of our community in the greater Washington DC area. With the moral and financial support  of our community, we can build and transform NECC into a great religious, cultural, educational, and spiritual resource center. This will be a symbolic and first of its kind in the USA. The observation and experience that you gain from your visit to the new property will give you a great satisfaction with positive spirit. Thus, we assume that you had the opportunity to visit our new property. If not, please make your visit soon and experience positive vibe.

Since the acquisition of new property, we all have been engaged in cleaning the interiors and exteriors and removing junks from the existing buildings. Along that, we also started clearing the land with the help of landscaping contractor. In next few months, we hope that the property will turn into a habitable and pleasurable place for worship and assembly. As we mentioned, we have envisioned three phases associated with the relocation of NECC from its Beallsville property to its new property in Germantown. The first phase is the acquisition of new property, which we recently completed. The second phase is the preparation for relocation of NECC mandir and Buddha statue, which is going on. We hope that we can complete cleaning and renovating the existing buildings to accommodate our Mandir and Buddha statue in next 3-4 months. The third phase is the construction of Nepali pagoda style temple and a multi-purpose community hall. To help achieve our third and most important goal, we need to raise more than $1 million dollars. To that end, our fund-raising team will develop and execute effective fundraising plans and programs. We hope that you will fully support and suggest us to achieve our fund-raising goals of $1 million dollars. Together, we can do it.

There are fifty-seven community members and families, who directly helped NECC to raise $655K through promissory notes and donations to purchase the new property. Without them, we would not be able to imagine and acquire this magnificent property. NECC would like to extend its sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you. Your support meant lot to NECC and its family. The stakeholder of this property is all of you. This is our community property. We all own it, not only use it. Let us work together and convert our noble dreams into reality.